Accomplishing the Unlikely

Small Office Building

This was a simple architectural design project involving a small, orderly office building for a legal firm. The design requirements were quite simple - it had to utilize the space efficiently and provide an adequate spacious feeling.

Based on the specifications given to me by the client, I used a state-of-the-art architectural design program called Chief Architect to create a core concept of a floor plan, which the client and I experimented with until we found a way to fit the offices and storage area into the space efficiently. After that I set final specifications - detailed locations of electrical components such as outlets and switches, lighting, ventilation, etcetera - and placed models of furniture according to what the client specified. With this finalized, detailed data I created this floor plan:

From the floor plan the program derived transparent 3D models called glass views, which better demonstrate the relation of spaces and objects in the building.

 From those I created fully colored, textured 3D models according to color and material specifications from the client.