Accomplishing the Unlikely

Restaurant/Sports Bar

 This project began simply as re-creating a sort of preliminary floor plan the client had made. I began by looking at the client's rough draft of the floor plan and going over detailed specifications with him. From there I used Chief Architect, a state-of-the-art advanced architectural drafting program, to create a defined, detailed floor plan. We went over it and made various changes for a couple days as the client and his partner found a preferred layout. During those first couple days, I spent a lot of time figuring out how to fit objects efficiently into the given space while following the Uniform Building Code.

The final version of the floor plan is shown below: 

 From the specifications laid out in the floor plan, the program generated a full 3D model called a doll house view, which allows for the viewing and changing of colors, textures, materials, and various other detail specifications. I matched the furniture to replicate that in pictures sent to me by the client and later changed it as he and his partner came to a different agreement.

 From there I created floor camera models - detailed 3D models which give a view from the perspective of a person standing in the space. I changed specifications such as the darkness of the wood tables and the material of the upholstery on the chairs several times, and used these models to demonstrate to the client more effectively what his idea would look like to a customer entering the building.



 This floor camera model looks at the fencing surrounding the VIP area - a custom-made separate graphic I imported into the program by special request. We were working on a balance between a formal look to the interior and a more "industrialized" look, and a part of this was achieved by creating this metal fence with strips of intertwined plastic.

 After every specification had been met and the client and his partner were in complete agreement, I used the glass floor camera to create a virtual walk-through tour of the building. Two images from this virtual tour are shown below.